Most of the social media revolves around communication and posting photos and videos on a public platform. Currently the smartphones go together with intrinsically social media apps that yield electronic messaging, video vocation and posting videos. However there are more choices in your store that you simply shouldn’t miss out on. Here are the newest trending social media apps that you simply will use on each Android and iOS.  If you’re searching for associate degree Mobile App Development Company in India, then you would possibly need to think about that that has worked with the subsequent apps:


  1. Telegram:

With over 1,000,000 active users, wire has been declared the quickest electronic messaging app.  It allows you to store chat history within the cloud and share files of any size, and therefore the chats are protected with Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange. Wire supports GIFs, stickers, ikon and video written material, and cluster chats with even 1, 00,000 people. This free app doesn’t devil you with advertisements and guarantees that it’ll stay free. Funded by a donation, wire is funded by a donation and that they have declared that they’re going to not sell user knowledge which generation of revenue isn’t its motive.


  1. YouTube:

It might look like YouTube is associate degree obsolete app and wouldn’t be anyplace on the trending social media apps list, however believe American state after I say that it’s been visited by teens virtually doubly within the past 3 years. With the new vlogger base and a robust influencer rather than a mere passive content consumption web site, YouTube has remained the teens’ favorite. It had been voted the foremost well-liked social app in 2018 among the yank teens aged between thirteen to eighteen.


  1. Facebook:

It is undeniably one among the foremost wide used social networking sites within the world and one among the most important also. It’s most likely the primary website to exceed the landmark of one billion user accounts. Except networking together with your friends and relatives, Facebook additionally permits you to sell on-line through completely different Facebook apps. It even allows you to promote your business and merchandise victimization paid Facebook ads. It even has its own electronic messaging app referred to as traveler that could be a convenient platform to talk, voice decision and video decision together with your friends and family.


However, it’s broken the trust of several its users once it gave third parties access to the non-public knowledge of eighty seven million users. This junction rectifier to the #deletes facebook campaign which inspires individuals to get rid of them from Facebook and use alternative networks instead. Several firms elicit custom Facebook like app development for his or her businesses, each IOS App Development Company in Delhi of this type and Android App Development Company in Noida of this type are often done.


  1. Instagram:

Although Facebook has reigned over the sector of photo-sharing on the web, Instagram has become additional well-liked on mobile devices. It doesn’t reveal what percentage of its users are teens, however it’s evident that almost all of its users are between the age bracket of thirteen to eighteen. Instagram allows you to share photos, like other’s photos, chat, video calls and even search well-liked hashtags.


  1. WhatsApp:

It is a free and convenient social networking app and is one among the foremost wide used electronic messaging apps within the world. WhatsApp allows you to chat, create voice or video calls and even to share your location, photos, contacts, and documents. you may have to be compelled to allow it to access your contact list specified the app will mechanically update it as shortly as you enter a brand new contact. Except its quality, what attracts additional users to WhatsApp is that the end-to-end coding that has been accessorial for privacy and security.


  1. Viber:

Viber could be a well-liked app that mechanically adds your contacts and permits you to share your photos, send text messages, emoticons, stickers, and to form video and voice calls. It additionally encompasses a feature referred to as the Viber Out that allows you to create international and domestic calls at low cost rates. Moreover, calls from Viber to Viber are free. It additionally provides the color-coded encrypted electronic messaging facility.


  1. Twitter:

With around 320 million active users per month, Twitter could be a wide used social networking website that allows you to post short text messages, popularly referred to as tweets, which might solely contain a restricted range of characters, i.e., up to one hundred forty characters per tweet. Twitter is usually wont to convey your message to the general public. This free app additionally allows you to promote your business and with the increasing demand for on-line searching, it allows you to search directly through tweets also.


  1. Hangouts:

Available on each Android devices also iOS, Google Hangouts are often set because the default electronic messaging app on Android devices. It can even be used on your portable computer or computer. Hangouts became one among the common ways in which to talk together with your family and friends. However, you would like a Google account to work on Hangouts. This app provides a large vary of facilities as well as sharing photos, GIFs, creating video calls and cluster calls also. Hangouts are well-liked for its convenient since it are often used each on the desktop also as on your mobile phones.


  1. Snapchat:

The youth and therefore the celebrities have embraced this social networking app and have created it vastly well-liked over the years. Like most of the opposite apps, it allows you to share your photos and videos that destruct once a certain amount of your time. There’s additionally associate degree possibility wherever you’ll send your friend a “snap” for a brief amount of your time, once that it disappears. What has created Snapchat well-liked throughout the years among all alternative social media apps is their features of a large vary of funky filters. Snapchat additionally allows you to edit your photos, and has been established because the most fun approach of meeting.


  1. WeChat:

Most popular in China, WeChat has around 700 million users in China. Though it offers the same old options of each electronic messaging app like sharing photos and creating video and voice calls, it additionally provides you options like individuals near, Friend radio detection and ranging, and Shake that aids you to seek out your friends United Nations agency are near .


  1. Tumblr:

With around 555 million active users per month, Tumblr could be a social media platform also micro blogging platform which will be wont to realize and follow your favorite things. Closely-held by Yahoo since 2013, Tumblr are often wont to post something from transmission to a short-form diary. It additionally allows you to customize something and therefore is well-liked for its flexibility.


  1. Skype:

With around three hundred million active users per month, Skype has become one among the foremost well-liked communication based mostly social networking platforms. Closely-held by Microsoft, it permits you to attach together with your family and friends through voice calls, video calls, also as text, messaging. It additionally has the feature of cluster conference calls. The most effective feature of Skype is that calls from Skype to Skype are freed from value, even though they’re international calls.


Therefore, you’ll get the most effective of those applications through social media apps development services offered by the highest app developers within the India.


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