In the world wherever individuals use wearable’s and mobile apps to trace everything concerning their health, together with levels of pressure and blood glucose, and quality of sleep, everybody needs to own all their information hold on at intervals one platform wherever it is handily accessed.


How do Apple’s HealthKit and Google work compare?

Apple and Google have each came up with such platforms that accumulate health and fitness-related data; Google work has had less promotional material, however it’s with success gaining traction currently. Google is developing aspect comes that involve AI, however this analysis doesn’t get the maximum amount public attention.


The principal distinction between Apple and Google platforms is that Google is targeting the fitness facet of digital health, and Apple is primarily specializing in medical information.

Apple has 3 product  –   HealthKit, ResearchKit associate degreed CareKit  –  that along kind an system that works with differing types of medical information. This system was developed bit by bit and over time – initial there was a HealthKit (a platform that allowed users to trace their fitness and medical information from their iOS devices and iWatches), then Apple introduced ResearchKit (a framework for medical information gathering for the aim of medical research), and last came the CareKit, a framework whose aim is to assist users manage longer-term sicknesses and chronic conditions, monitor recovery when surgery then on.


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CareKit contains four modules:

  • Care Card, a tool that permits patients to trace if they’re taking their meds on time
  • Symptom and measuring huntsman, a tool that helps patients monitor their progress and keep records of their symptoms
  • Insight Dashboard, a tool that compares information to analyse that treatment is a lot of economical
  • Connect, that patients will use to share information with their friends and family or medical workers


Google work SDK has Sensors API, the Recording API and History API that facilitate developers add options like assembling information from device’s sensors and trailing record of this information. As Google shows on their SDk official page, these 3 genus Apis are utilized in cooperation with massive names within the world of health and fitness: Runtastic, Runkeeper, Endomondo, FatSecret and LYNXXFIT.


How will the HealthKit and Google work platforms be used for medical and fitness app development?

While Apple HealthKit and Google work still vie on the market, the tending business is extremely curious about the ways that these platforms will modification the established system.

The main expectation is that by providing a homogenous format and storage mechanism for health information, HealthKit and Google work can facilitate development of apps and devices that may share health information between one another. Users may also foresee to change between completely different apps while not having to stress concerning transferring all their information. These 2 platforms somewhat overlap in an exceedingly general sense however there’s still a big distinction each within the variety of information every records and their major functions.


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Google work works with Adidas, ASUS, HTC and Intel and continues adding  new partners to their list.


In Nov 2014 Google work  teamed up with Adidas, Polar, and Withings to ask developers to make wonderful fitness apps that integrated with the new Google work platform. The winners were declared  in spring 2015 and also the winning apps were promoted on Google Play. All winning apps primarily focuses fitness trailing, sport results analysis and healthy style patterns (for example, drinking enough water and moving enough throughout the day).


Health Kit is partnered with Greek deity and FitBit and tends to concentrate on tending by building connections with skilled networks (for example, Health Kit is partnered with dressing clinic).


‘Big names’ among medical devices and software package (companies like  RunKeeper, Withings, Strava, and iHealth) got busy quickly ensuring that the HealthKit platform would integrate with their ecosystems; they additionally talked concerning however ‘having one central location for users to manage health and fitness information can so be an honest issue for the business.’


The general understanding is that introducing HealthKit to separate devices and tending suppliers may be a massive step toward consolidation of the extremely fragmented electronic medical records (EMR).


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Google work provides a straightforward and easy style, although it needs users to swipe the screen whenever they need to access a replacement little bit of info. the knowledge itself is provided in details, permitting users to on an individual basis track each parameter.

Some users like to not exercise with their phone. Google work offers a chance to feature workouts users have kept away from their phone (by clicking the Menu button and choosing Add Activity ). This bar lets users make a choice from walking, running, biking and alternative activities, and add the number of your time they exercised for. Google can add the active time to their profile, and for activities like walking and running it’ll estimate the number of steps that were taken.


Data is viewed from the past day, week and month on each the Google work app and web site. On the most pages within the mobile app, users will scroll to all-time low and faucet the “See graph details” possibility. The highest left pull-down menu lets them switch between the day, week or month; whereas the highest right pull-down lets they toggle between active time and steps. Below the most chart there’s associate degree choice to add a secondary chart for weight and vital sign.


Charts are viewed on the Google work web site by clicking on the circle that displays your active minutes and steps.

Health Kit  is somewhat a lot of advanced than Apple’s alternative native apps, however it handily offers users a chance to check all their information at intervals one screen, that is useful if individuals commit to ascertain however various factors act. for instance, it shows however sorts and quantity of food and alcohol act with sleep patterns.


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Via the Dashboard, users will opt for what information Health displays, and value more highly to show that information by day, week, month or year. In Health information, they’ll track their body measurements, fitness stats, info concerning themselves, and more. In Sources, they’ll see the third-party apps and devices that may send information to Health, and management that have access to their health information. And with Medical ID, users will add info like birthdate, height, weight, blood type, and emergency contacts.


Healthcare and fitness data: similarities and differences:

Both platforms represent their several company’s defy info storage and integration of this info across multiple devices and applications, however forms of information that square measure displayed take issue and might be divided into 2 primary groups:


Types of information recorded from fitness apps and/or accessorial manually:

Google Fit:

  • Body measurements/weight history
  • Number of steps/distance traveled
  • Calories burnt
  • Favorite forms of activity/sports
  • Length of exercise
  • Heartbeat rate
  • HealthKit



  • Heart Rate
  • Calories burnt
  • Number of steps and add info concerning their favorite forms of activity.
  • At an equivalent time, Health Kit permits users to trace their sleep too.


Types of information recorded from tending (medical) apps:


Google Fit:

Heartbeat rate calculation and statistics is perhaps as shut as Google work involves recording health information. The catch with Google work is that it provides no thanks to pass medical information, like pressure or blood sugar, between apps, and so isn’t appropriate for serious medical functions.


HealthKit is far a lot of elaborate specializing in a full sort of information from medical apps including:

  • Lab results statistics (including aldohexose blood level)
  • Medications (prescription alerts and notes)
  • Nutrition information (types of food consumed, calorie count, sugar count)
  • Sleep information
  • Vitals (pulse and pressure, body temperature)


Using Medical ID, users may also add info like birthdate, height, weight, blood type, and emergency contacts.


Privacy and security for medical and fitness trailing apps:

Understanding the distinction between privacy and security is extremely necessary. Privacy is associate degree individual’s right to regulate their info and choose United Nations agency is it getting to be shared with. Security is that the technical means that of safeguarding the info.

The security necessities of a selected app rely upon its functions and on whether or not or not it contains sensitive personal info. Fitness apps will typically quite simply depart with a somewhat basic level of security whereas something that’s marketed as a medical app needs a way a lot of serious level of in-built protection.


Fitness trailing app security:

When you look into the Terms of Service (ToS) of Google suitable developers you’ll notice the subsequent Use Limitations: Google doesn’t intend Google acceptable be a medical device. you’ll not use Google slot in reference to any product or service that will qualify as a medical device consistent to Section 201(h) of the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic (FD&C) Act.

Google acknowledges that Google work mustn’t be seen as a medical device and so doesn’t need further security measures that square measure essential for medical apps and wearables.

While there’s no specific privacy policy for Google work one should assume that the overall privacy policy of Google applies to the current service too. one more reason for this assumption is that the incontrovertible fact that a user desires a Google Account to use Google slot in the primary place and so work falls underneath an equivalent general privacy policy.


Health Kit additionally offers well-designed security measures, beginning with the actual fact that it solely works on iPhones. One reason for which may be security. The iPhone (at least the later versions) have fingerprint device security. If health information passes between associate degree iPhone associate degreed an iPad however will the device(s) make sure of the user’s identity? If it’s only 1 device by default, particularly the iPhone that has fingerprint access, identity is determined by the device.


Medical app security:

Medical apps within the USA square measure controlled and controlled by the Food and Drug Administration tips. potential measures that square measure suggested in an exceedingly recent office statement embrace mistreatment user authentication (for example user ID and secret, smartcard or perhaps biometrics); strengthening secret protection by avoiding hard-coded passwords and limiting public access to passwords used for technical device access.

David Lee Sher, MD, in his article on medical app security breaks the foremost common threats right down to the subsequent list:


1) unencrypted personal health info

2) unsecured wireless communications from monitors

3) lack of practicality to forestall commingling of such hospital information as patient personal health info and also the app user’s personal information

4) the dearth of technical support or social control of minimum secret necessities

5) the failure to dam untested or unapproved apps

6) the absence of remote wipe or delete/lockdown functions to safeguard information within the event that the device is lost


Apple thought of this list, and this can be why HealthKit is protected by bank-grade security and coding, which suggests records, notes and alternative info square measure protected consistent with an equivalent standards as bank information. All info is hold on in firmly protected information centres with multiple backups in situ.


Patient profiles and clinical notes in HealthKit will solely be accessed through a mix of levels for various practitioners and administrator roles. For patients and folks all over, HealthKit conducts in-depth analysis to make sure practitioners mistreatment their software package square measure befittingly authorized  and certificated. This analysis forms the idea of the in depth searchable professional person directory that Apple is regularly increasing in order that users will notice the proper professional person for them.


For people that check in for HealthKit, their personal info will solely be accessed by users with their usernames and passwords. solely people that have  a user’s permission, like their doctors, will read their personal info, clinical tools and health records.


At this time it looks that there’s not a transparent winner between HealthKit and Google work, as a result of each platforms have their benefits and drawbacks. Health Kit focuses on providing terribly elaborate info and stressing the “health” aspect of the matter, whereas Google work supports more completely different wearables and devices and focuses on fitness over on health.


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