Being a doctor may be a noble profession. They save lives and drag folks out of ailments. They continually facilitate within the hour of want. which is that the precise drawback. Doctors got to be with those that ar already distressed. they need to treat impatient patients. And, the long OPD queues solely raise their misery. Is there an improved thanks to manage the OPD queue? Well, a Doctor Appointment Booking App looks to be the solution thereto question.


The health care and eudaimonia sector is victimisation mobile technology wide at this time. thus a mobile app associated with doctors and patients will be several things. It will be as easy as a Doctor Appointment Booking App for OPD queue management. And it will be a triangular property app that connects patients, doctors, clinics, hospitals, hospices, pharmacies, laboratories, nurses and everything which will be connected to the aforementioned field. Here, we have a tendency to ar talking a few easy Doctor Appointment Booking App for OPD queue management.


What Is A Doctor Appointment Booking App?

First of all, let’s consider the manual Doctor appointment Booking App. You usually phone the clinic and see somebody to schedule a rendezvous. You grab the earliest appointment offered or select a particular day and time, betting on your circumstances and wish of the treatment. several clinics conjointly give tickets or tokens for a similar day for the continued OPD. A Doctor Appointment Booking App will precisely the same issue by victimisation technology and it will it additional expeditiously.


How will It Work?

It works as a web site additionally as a mobile app. It’s very the doctor’s selection if desires a web site or a mobile app or each.


First of all, a doctor creates his own profile, get registered or buy the Doctor Appointment Booking App or system. He may also get his own system if he’s willing to pay time and cash.


Then, he will add his patients manually or invite his patients for registration in his system. Patients got to produce their own profile or somebody handling the patient management system of the doctor will copulate for the doctor.


Now, whenever a patient has to book a rendezvous, he or she will be able to move to the web site or open the mobile app. He can have numerous choices for booking his appointment. He will book a rendezvous during a approach one creates an occasion in Google calendar. The doctor or his assistant will ensure the appointment with simply one click. The patient will be notified of the confirmation through associate degree email, SMS or WhatsApp message with a QR code.


Admin Panel For Doctors

The doctor will set his timings, locations, handiness, appointment slots and length. He may also add and take away numerous payment ways from the admin panel. Also, He will use multiple addresses for his multiple clinics and hospitals.


A doctor may also produce associate degree assistant’s profile with compartmentalised access in order that he doesn’t got to do all the chores associated with appointment booking. He will browse the payment history and therefore the appointment history additionally.


Additional options

There ar limitless prospects for a Doctor Appointment Booking App. The feature of a text chat or video chat may be a terribly helpful addition. It will give an internet consultation or a virtual consultation. the choice to come up with a prescription and link it to bound pharmacies is that the latest trend. Once a prescription is generated, the patient will like better to pay and acquire his medicines delivered quickly at his doorsteps within the same approach On Demand Food Delivery Apps deliver your food. If the doctor has prescribed a check, connected laboratories offers to gather samples from home from a similar app. it’s very up to you to come to a decision that options you wish and the way you wish them.



Technology should build life less complicated by its implementation. The Doctor Appointment Booking App will precisely the same. If you haven’t got associate degree app or web site like this for your OPD, now could be the simplest time to possess them.


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